Our Baby & Toddler First Aid course is just two hours long, specifically designed to give you the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with common childhood first aid situations. The course is delivered in a friendly and stress-free way to make sure that you get the most from the course.

So, if you’re a new parent and even slightly worried about having to deal with first aid situations for your little one, contact us, arrange a session within your own home and learn what to do.

Grandparents also welcome!

Course syllabus includes

  • Assessing the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency
  • Recognise & administer first aid to an infant or child who;
    • is unresponsive & breathing normally
    • is unresponsive & not breathing normally
    • is choking
    • has small cuts & grazes
    • has a nosebleed
    • has minor burns and scalds

Please note this is not a certified course.